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Many avoided capture or death because they were away from their villages tending cattle at the cattle camps (grazing land located near bodies of water where cattle were taken and tended largely by the village children during the dry season) and were able to flee and hide in the dense African bush.Some of the unaccompanied male minors were conscripted by the Southern rebel forces and used as soldiers in the rebel army, while others were handed over to the government by their own families to ensure protection, for food, and under a false impression the child would be attending school.A problem unique to the story of the Lost Boys is how the age and family structure dynamics of the camps changed with the influx of young people.

Most of the boys were orphans separated from their families as a result of the systematic attacks in the southern part of the country.The term was revived, as children fled the post-independence violence of South Sudan with Sudan during 2011–13.The conflict in Sudan between the northern and southern regions had existed since Sudan’s independence from Britain in the year 1956.Additionally, attacks on the children by lions, snakes and other wild animals were not uncommon.It is estimated that over half of the young migrants died along their epic journey, due to starvation, dehydration, sickness and disease and attack by wild animals and enemy soldiers.

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