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She does not only stimulate your sexual organs, she stimulates your thinking organs, too.5.She knows how to take a compliment, but she never lets a guy disrespect her.In fact, most controlling men never will admit to being control freaks.

So while this is great coz you can get professional fitness counsel for free and also have a boyfriend popular with peeps coz he’s oh-so-great at the toning-pecs and slimming-thighs advice, you may tire of the same spiel over and over again.

The controlling man tears everyone around him down to build himself up. Just when she decides to say something to the man he does something nice and so she keeps her mouth shut again and again.

Controlling men, if allowed, will control every aspect of your life. After a while a woman learns that it's easier for her to just keep quiet. If you finally sit down and confront the controlling man he acts as if he doesn't know what you are talking about.

When you are dating a fitness freak, you realize that you are brought into the thick of training your body to be fit too – much like a devout follower of the religion that your partner has sworn himself to – FITNESSSS!

And the relationship isn’t so much about knowing the insides of a bag of potato chips than about turning yourself inside-out in the insides of a gym!

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