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In addition, the Ifugao case study offers a significant contribution to anthropological studies of agricultural intensification.Foremost of these is the illumination of relationships between landscape, water management and social organisation.

Lowland-mountain contacts are known even before the Spanish arrival.They began their expeditions on the western side of northern Luzon (Ilocos provinces) in AD 1572 and established garrisons in the Cagayan Valley in AD 1591 (Keesing 1962: 20-5).They did not establish a permanent presence in Ifugao until AD 1793, when they occupied the town of Kiangan.The irrigated, terraced fields were already known to the Spanish during the first expeditions to Kiangan (c.30km south of Banaue) in the 1750s, but formal description did not come until the successful Spanish occupation of the town in AD 1793.

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