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This “open-box San Francisco” mark was used from about 1915 until 1977 when Dirk van Erp’s son, William van Erp died.

Sometime after 1929, when Dirk van Erp had retired and left his son William van Erp in charge of the studio, William added the words “Handwrought” as a separate impressed mark.

Wood will also show signs of oxidation and patination with prolonged exposure to air and light.

These tips will get you started, but I encourage you to read and study further.

Use your fingers on drawer bottoms or backboards of case furniture.

irst picture with date 1904, second mark from a picture frame, third and fourth highlighted with red paint (fourth picture from a tie rack, questionable pristine condition), fifth from a carved oak box, sixth and seventh pictures from a rare one of a kind desk showing inscribed and red paint highlighted date and paper label; last is paper label on wood card, attached to a candle stick; paper label also known for one of a kind office chair, utopian arts & crafts community making furniture, pottery, and other fine arts, founded by architect Will Price, employing four to six craftsman and produced roughly 500 pieces to 1906, incorporating hand carving Inn and eventually sold as a commercial product (and commissions such as the Grove Park Inn) however production numbers were not significantly large, with small tables, chairs, and rockers more common than large case pieces; original finishes are rare , sometimes the script name or initials of the owner/consignor, and several pattern variations of the cross & orb, apparently with no chronological patterns and seemingly carved individually.

Variations of brass tags were also used explicitly on bookstands.

Inscribed initials and cross and orb used on side chairs (top of three) and arm chairs (bottom two of three) commissioned for the Grove Park Inn, Asheville NC, 1912; the arm chairs were actually side chairs with arms added in the 1920s made locally by Biltmore Industries Campus which were given letter codes for the respective building where they were used.

The letter is followed by the catalog model number used for the retail version of the piece.

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